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wel Welcome to, the collective. This is version 5: it's summer wonderful!
I'm Caro Guay and I'm back after an absence of around 3 years! I've had many websites & fanlistings before! Take a look around and if any comment or question, contact me!


• June 30th, 2011
New layout :-D for summer time! Hope you enjoy :o) Also updated some fanlistings with new members!

• June 23th, 2011
New layout I'm pretty proud of at Wintery Picture! New layout coming soon here too :o)!

• May 06th, 2011
Just finished the Spencer Hastins fanlisting from the tv show Pretty Little Liars :oD! Go go join! Also got chosen to adopted one of my whislister: the movie Kick-Ass :oD!

• April 11th, 2011
Nothing much new! Updating little bits here and there!

• March 15, 2011
3 finished fanlistings; Serena & Blair relationship, Hanna Marin {Pretty Little Liars} and Let Me In! Please visit :o)
** Updated: finished the Tom & Bill Kaulitz fanlisting :oD! Go join!

• March 9, 2011
2 more in upcoming so in all, 4 upcoming fanlistings! Serena & Blair relationship, Hanna Marin from the tv show Pretty Little Liars, the fantastic movie Let Me In & the relationship between Tom & Bill Kaulitz; the twins of the german band Tokio Hotel!


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